Welcome to Chico’s Paint & Body Shop in Montgomery where customers drive our business (pardon the pun!). We’ve been servicing cars in need of collision repair and auto paint for over forty years. We understand how much of a hassle it is to not have a vehicle. We do our utmost to perform top-notch work at an efficient and quick pace in order to restore your car back to you better than when you handed us the keys. We want to exceed expectations every time, and if you’re ever not satisfied with your auto body repair or auto paint job, we’ll make it right. Below, we’ll go over our services and our values. Contact us today for all your collision repair needs today!


Auto body repair focuses on the outer portion of your vehicle. We fix the frame, windshield, windows, roof, doors, fenders, bumpers, hood, trunk, and any other exterior part of your vehicle when it’s been damaged, such as from an automobile accident or when you casually back into a light pole that you swore jumped behind your car after you started backing out. No auto body damage is too little or too much for our experienced technicians who treat every vehicle as their own at Chico’s Paint & Body in Montgomery.


Normally, if the body of your vehicle has been damaged, so has the auto paint. Here at Chico’s Paint & Body shop, we not only repair your car, but we’ll repaint your automobile, matching the colors exactly. We also offer custom auto paint jobs for when you just need a car color so you can find your car in a parking lot, or you just want to stand out from the crowd. At Chico’s Paint & Body in Montgomery, we guarantee quality service you can count on.


Chico’s Paint & Body cares about more than your car. We went into the collision repair business because we wanted to help people when they needed it the most. No one wants to be in a car accident, but when it happens, you need reliable, dependable collision repair and auto paint you can count on. We work with your insurance company to ensure you are taken care of with no worries on your part. Time is of the essence in today’s world, and you need a safe car to drive your babies and fur babies around in, get to work and the grocery store, and drive to the movie theatre.

Our auto body repair shop has got all of your collision repair and paint needs covered. We’ve been in the collision repair business for over 40 years, and we know how to repair your car and return it to you in tip-top shape promptly. We understand your life is inconvenienced, and we do our best to restore a sense of normality as soon as possible. We offer courtesy cars while yours is being serviced, and keep you up to speed with your collision repair timeframe. When you get in an accident, Chico’s Paint & Body in Montgomery is ready to answer your call. Give us a ring today!