One of the last places that people expect to get into a car accident is in a parking lot. With low-speed limits and a majority of the vehicles completely parked, it’s not too surprising that people don’t anticipate this. That being said, parking lots are one of the most common places that car accidents happen. In today’s blog post, we are going to touch on a few of the ways that you can avoid parking lot collisions. Let’s get started.

Avoid Distractions

The primary reason that accidents in parking lots happen is because the driver is distracted. The first distraction that comes to mind in terms of driving is a cell phone, and we won’t lie, it’s definitely one of the top distractors. Texting and talking on the phone while driving definitely increase the chances of being in an accident. Cell phones, however, are not the only distraction that people should be concerned with.

Listening to music, holding a conversation with a passenger, playing with a pet, or messing around with items in the car are a few of the other distractions that people don’t always take into consideration. By ensuring that you aren’t distracted when driving in a parking lot, and while driving in general, you can drastically decrease the chances of getting in an accident.

Consider Location

Another significant reason that cars wind up getting hit in parking lots is because of where they’re parked. In an ideal scenario, you should be fine to park wherever you’d like, but the reality is that high traffic parts of any parking lot are going to increase the chances of being hit. Usually, the high traffic areas of a parking lot are going to be the spots closest to the entrance as well as the main roads within the parking lot.

Creating some strategy with your parking is one of the first ways that you can minimize the chance of ever getting into a car accident while in a parking lot. The best way to do that is to stay away from the parking spots at the front of the lot.

Slow Down

Speed is one of the variables that can be controlled when it comes to car accidents, but it’s also one of the reasons that accidents happen in the first place. While you can’t control the speed at which others are driving through the parking lot, you can ensure that you are. Not only will driving slow provide you with the opportunity to look around and spot any cars that are backing out or making a turn, but in the case that there is still an accident, it will lessen the impact because you’re going at a slower speed.

Let Chico’s Paint and Body Help

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