When it comes to driving, car accidents are one of the worst things that can happen. Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day and, in most cases, could have been avoided entirely. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about four of the most common places that car accidents take place.

Parking Lots

We just finished talking about parking lot collisions in our last blog post, but would you be surprised to hear that this is one of the most common places that accidents happen? Though most of the accidents that occur in these lots aren’t likely to be serious or fatal, they happen pretty frequently.

Parking lot collisions happen primarily because of the number of cars that are in close proximity to one another. When you pair that with drivers that aren’t paying attention, are driving too fast for conditions, or are driving carelessly, it’s no surprise that accidents happen.

Stop Signs

Another common place that accidents happen is at stop signs. These accidents often happen because people don’t slow down in time to fully stop or roll through the sign. Aside from that, some drivers don’t pay attention to the surrounding traffic before they start driving again. While stop signs may not be as large as stop lights, they are still just as important to the safety of drivers.

The best way to ensure that you don’t wind up in an accident at a stop sign is to pay attention to all surrounding traffic and to make sure that you’re paying enough attention to fully stop each time you come up to a stop sign.

Two-Lane Roads

A primary danger to two-lane roads is the fact that they can require passing. With two-lane roads often having moderate to low-speed limits, passing is extremely common, but so is speeding. The combination of high speeds and short periods of passing is often what causes accidents to happen, although improper passing is also a significant cause of the dangers of driving on two-lane roads.

When driving on a two-lane road, the best thing to do is to pay plenty of attention to the speed limit and surrounding drivers. If there is someone that is trying to pass, or you are trying to pass, be cautious of oncoming traffic and surrounding vehicles.

Rural Highways

In terms of use and heavy traffic, highways always take the cake. When it comes to rural highways, however, there isn’t as much traffic or usage which makes them the prime place to speed and put other safety precautions on the backburner. Unfortunately, it’s this lack of traffic that causes rural highways to be one of the most common places for accidents.

Aside from drivers not always being the safest, the lack of traffic on these roads can lead to them getting less maintenance than some of the other major highways. Between the road conditions and the quality of driving being done, it’s certainly not surprising that there are so many accidents that happen on rural highways.

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